Technical and Consultancy Services


Owners are provided technical and consultancy services by experienced AGLHC team, as well as a vast network of industry professionals and experts.


For hotel and tourism projects

  • Comprehensive project and market feasibility study
  • Review and comments on architectural and technical designs
  • Financial and investment plans
  • Project management
  • Executive search


For existing properties

  • Asset and business valuation
  • Sustainability and strategic evaluation
  • Financial and internal control audits
  • Operational audits
  • Personnel training and development

Industry Challenges and Solutions

The hospitality sector is going through unprecedented growth since its last major expansion in 1976. Travel and tourism keeps on growing and client requirements are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Various types and brands of hotels, condo hotels, and fully-serviced apartments are rising and competition is very high in the business. AGL welcomes all these with confidence. Our proactive approach to challenges and our strict adherence to our corporate vision and mission allows us to thrive in any circumstance.