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About Us

Asian Grand Legacy Hotels Corporation (AGLHC) was formed with the objective of creating a hotel management and consultancy company which creates real, tangible and intangible value for all its stakeholders – guests, hotel owners, employees, suppliers, community, etc.

The guiding principles behind Asian Grand Legacy Hotels Corporation’s philosophy of value creation are encapsulated in three words, which are represented in the first three letters of the AGLHC acronym:


Corporate Philosophy


We are passionate about pursuing excellence and financial success that’s why we make sure that we consistently strive to achieve the business goals and objectives of the owners.

We accept that our attitudes affect our behavior, and that our behavior affects our results and our success.

We strive to always maintain a passion for service excellence through teamwork and learning; made manifest in our interactions with guests and colleagues, by being mindful of always bringing a positive attitude and a desire to increase understanding, empathy and knowledge through these interactions.

We work as a team not just for the benefit of the business, but also for our guests, by demonstrating mutual respect, practicing effective communication, and showing genuine support for each other.

We create value for our employees, our owners and our guests through continuous learning.

We translate this teamwork and learning into more efficient and effective work habits, practices, behavior and strict compliance to shared standards. ‘Good service’ is not good enough; instead we demand and expect ‘excellent service’.


We nurture a culture of service excellence and work towards a focused and proactive approach to customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver skilled, superior, and professional services to our sophisticated guests.

We understand that our guests are the lynchpin of the business, and we therefore always strive to maintain our focus on providing our them with great value and extraordinary experiences.

In our processes, we simplify and automate effectively and efficiently, while always keeping in mind the goal of providing the best value to both our guests and our hotel owners.

By anticipating the needs and wants of our guests, we can greatly influence their experiences. Therefore, we develop ourselves to be sensitive to their needs, to keep track of and proactively act on our guests’ preferences and their habits.

From this perspective, we realize that our employees are our most important assets, because of their direct contact with our guests. It is through them that we will have the greatest impact and influence on the Guest Experience. Therefore, we invest in training and development. When we design and specify our products or invest in tools and equipment, we consult our employees to ensure that they are properly equipped, empowered and enabled to surprise and delight our guests.


We value long-term relationships with our owners, guests, and employees that’s why we operate with trust and mutual respect.

We know that business growth is driven by creating value—value which delights our guests and increases profitability, which in turn lead to increased loyalty to the business from all our stakeholders.

Therefore, as part of our commitment to creating this virtuous cycle, we persistently design for and ensure quality, value-adding products and services, and guest and talent retention strategies.

We listen and actively respond to what all our stakeholders have to say, and proactively use this information to anticipate the needs of our guests and those of the business at large. Through this process of continually seeking to better understand our stakeholders, we can revise our processes and resources to better align ourselves with their needs and expectations, and to achieve increasing returns for the business.

Mission and Vision


AGL will be recognized as the leading hospitality group in the Philippines that provides business growth and sustainability strategies to hotel owners.


We strive for excellence. We try hard to produce a team that is capable, responsible, and efficient in delivering excellent service to guests.

We care for our guests.We focus on creating extraordinary guest experiences by embracing a service excellence culture that is simple, clear, consistent, and genuine.

We value our colleagues. We foster mutual trust and create an environment that recognizes the capabilities of our workers.

We take ownership and we align ourselves with what our investors envision and hope to achieve.


The Leaders

A powerful team of experts boasting of both domestic and international hotel experience.

Miguel G. Cerqueda


General Manager of the Manila Hotel (1977-1999), co-founder and President of the Genesis Hotels and Resorts (1999). A graduate of the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL).

Roger Begre

VicePresident - Operations

General Manager of the Manila Midtown Hotel (1984-1996), professionally trained as an Executive Chef with a wealth of pre-opening, technical design, and operational experience.

Rodulf Studer

VicePresident - Special Projects

Over 40 years experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry across four continents and a General Manager since 1991. A graduate of the Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern (SHL).

Rexzor B. Ronquillo

Financial Controller

Over 20 years operational and accounting experience. Fifteen years with the Renaissance Hotels and Resorts (Marriott). A graduate of BSBA Accountancy at the Philippine School of Business Administration.

Chief Operating Officer

Over 25 years operational and accounting experience with globally recognized hotel chains, including Corinthia, IHG, Marriott, Mandarin and Rosewood. DES Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne. Earned his MBA at the Warwick Business School.

Marciano N. Marcial

Director for General Services, Housekeeping & Laundry

A Certified Executive Housekeeper with over 40 years experience in hotel Housekeeping and Laundry, as well as general management and hospitality consultancy.

Tonette A. Zabarte

Executive Assistant

More than 35 years experience in the hospitality industry, including Human Resources Management and being Executive Secretary to several past Corporate Presidents of the Manila Hotel Corporation.

Seph B. Dela Cruz

Art Director and Web Developer

Over 10 years experience inventing new ideas for branding and advertising campaigns. With 15 years experience as a Web Developer, planning and delivering projects from coding, to creative design, to a fully functional website.