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Woodland Hills Manor

Woodland Hills Manor, Bagac

Bataan, a province of Central Luzon, is known for being historical and culture destination outside of Metro Manila. It’s a center of growth is based on the agriculture industry and fishing industry. It is also bordered by the mountains of Mariveles and Samat in which memorable battle of Bataan took place.

Aside from the history and culture, Bataan is also famous for its natural resources like beaches, springs, waterfalls, and mountains. Because of the natural beauty of the province, there is a multitude of outdoor activities for adventure-seekers such as bikers, hikers, bird-watchers, and the like.

With the continuous effort to make the province into a prime tourism sport, many developments have taken place and flourished. From Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Mt Samat Shrine, Mountain Biking Trails, Sisiman Bay, Balanga Wetland and Nature Park, Ambon Falls to Pawikan Conservatories, Bataan offers a wide variety of activities made accessible to tourists. While there is a diverse set of activities, it is still lacking in terms of supporting the whole tourism auxiliary such as hotel and lodging facilities and a pressing need for a widely-developed ecological park is equally essential. Thus, the idea of Woodland Hotel Leisure and Woodland Mountain Adventure Park emerged.