Our Services

Marketing and Sales Support

Aside from each of our managed hotel's own Sales & Marketing team, we provide Marketing support to all its managed properties through its Corporate Marketing team in the form of:

  • Conceptualization and preparation of Sales collateral materials such as hotel  brochures, fact sheets, audio visual presentations, advertising layouts, press release copies, F&B menu cards, in-room flyers, and promotional flyers.

Industry Challenges and Our Solutions

Today the hotel resort sector of the tourism industry is undergoing another phase of growth since its last major expansion in 1976. All types of transient accommodations are appearing in the market. There are timeshares, all types and brands of hotels, condo hotels and full-serviced apartments. Competition is intense and will only get more so as the markets expand.



We recognize the fact that each hotel or resort is unique in its own set- up and cannot, should not, be forced into the operating templates or “conformity standards” commonly applied by international management companies. We believe that a property must be managed and/or marketed according to its inherent uniqueness and particular needs in order to maximize investment returns for the owners and stakeholders.


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