Key Support Services

As a professional hotel management company, we strive to be competitive and to surpass the expectations of our client-hotels.

We believe that we shall only be able to develop a strong partnership with them as long as there are solid foundations that will ensure each property's success. To achieve these goals, we provide support services in two critical areas of hotel management: Operations and Marketing



Cost-Effective Management is at the forefront of our management practices.

1. We provide seasoned hoteliers, utilization of highly trained and multi-skilled staff and personnel, guarantees competitive manpower costs without sacrificing desired results in overall hotel operations.

2. Your affiliation with us gives you the advantage of sourcing reliable hotel suppliers that extend to us preferential credit terms which in turn redounds to the hotel's benefit.

3. Reducing operating costs in Sales & Marketing, Front Office, and Purchasing are made possible by:

  • Joint-advertising and travel trade shows participation, Sales collaterals conceptualization and preparation, in-house customer data bases, and cross-selling among our managed properties.
  • In expensive access to Front Office Hotel Management Systems and software and International Reservations providers.
  • Volume purchase of hotel supplies through our centralized Purchasing Unit further reduces costs in hotel operations.

4.  Unlike international management companies based abroad, we are locally based, sparing the owner/developer from footing the bill on costly traveling expenses usually incurred by the management company's executives. This happens during management and skill trainings, strategic planning meetings, monthly operational auditing, implementing Sales & Marketing activities, conducting quality assurance tests, and supervising technical trainings on property management systems which are conducted by executives from the home office abroad.

5. To ensure consistent and effective customer service, manuals on policies and procedures, training programs, and quality assurance tests have been designed and are implemented in all its managed-hotels. Periodic monitoring ensures that costly mistakes in operations and guest services are prevented.

6.  Our executives are qualified to conduct their own in-house employee training programs. This advantage eliminates the need for costly external consultancy and training fees which are usually incurred by other hotels on a regular basis.