About Us

We manage for results.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Asian Grand Legacy Hotels Corporation

AGL is Attitude, Guest-centric and Loyalty. The Company beliefs, values and behavior shall be grounded, developed and nurtured with such three-dimensional approach.

Our Vision.

Our value proposition is a Competitive Edge for your Company through AGL - It is a Business Growth & Sustainability Strategies.


Our Mission.

To enable your Management Team and Staff to be most capable, responsible and accountable in delivering excellent service to guests. Focus on creating and managing extraordinary guest experiences. Create a Service Excellence Culture that is Simple, Clear, Consistent and Performance-driven; and more importantly, that fosters and enhances Guest Loyalty and Employee Motivation.


We manage hotels and resorts around the world.

We cooperate with architects, designers, to build and open hotels and resorts all over the world.

We manage these properties to achieve clearly defined results carefully developed with the Owners.

Each hotel should have a detailed plan setting forth the key results and strategies to be executed with the property. We have prepared and executed on several of these plans. It is a systematic and continuous process requiring PEOPLE and SYSTEMS. We strive to deliver skilled, superior, and professional services to valued guests.

We provide owners and developers of new and existing hotels and resorts our knowledge and experience to help them compete in their specific niche in the hospitality industry.

We invite you to visit our managed properties and experience the rich tradition of Asian Grand Legacy Hotels and Corporation.


We offer our management services to you with full confidence and enthusiasm. We place at your disposal our management teams impressive credentials and collective expertise.